In general terminology, foundation means building the base. Similarly, the NDA Foundation course is a course that builds the base for aspirants who want to clear the NDA examination and work in the Indian Armed Forces.

The course is specifically designed for 11th and 12th -grade students to cover both academic and NDA syllabi. The NDA Foundation Course is considered to be the best option as it provides the best possible results in the NDA examination.

NDA Foundation Course in Dehradun

For students in the 11th and 12th grades who will be taking the NDA written test, there are a number of defence coaching institutes in Dehradun that offer NDA Foundation Courses. One such institute is DNAD which helps students develop competitive skills to help them succeed in both their academics and the NDA written exam.

DNAD follows a systematic method to cover fundamental issues and uses analytical strategies to prepare students for the NDA written test. The NDA Foundation course at DNAD is a beneficial program for board students to get a competitive edge over their peers. The course not only boosts students’ confidence but also gives them a solid approach to grasping topics.

Why DNAD For NDA Foundation Course

  • Subject Matter Experts

DNAD provides an expert faculty with extensive expertise in Armed Forces preparation courses. Their method of delivery is explanatory, which makes studying easier and aids in long-term retention of the topic. Furthermore, they provide individualized attention to weak students to help them be more analytical with newly learned topics. This approach broadens their mind and improves their reasoning abilities.

  • Specially Designed Study Materials (Both in English and Hindi)

DNAD specially designs its study materials to meet the requirement for foundation course notes. Our team prepares this vast information and updates it on a regular basis. Notes based on the board curriculum are offered to increase their knowledge and confidence.

  • Mock Tests for Frequent Evaluation

DNAD provides students with mock tests to check their comprehension of the topics. This test also allows them to assess their current level and prepare for future advancement. Furthermore, a full-length examination based on the pattern of the NDA exam is also given to make them accustomed to taking competitive exams. This removes the fear element from pupils and prepares them for competition.

  • Parents and Teachers Meetings

To improve synchronization, DNAD holds parent-teacher meetings once a month, ensuring excellent contact between students and guides. Parents play a vital part in raising their morale on a personal level, so when a pupil receives attention from both ends, he improves.

  • Eligibility Criteria

• Age Range: 161/2 to 191/2 years.

• A 10th-pass student who plans to study science in 11th and 12th grades. 

• A 12th-grade student studying with science stream (Physics, Chemistry, Math).

• Candidates must be physically fit according to the NDA Physical Standard.

• The minimum height is 157cm (for the Air Force, it is 162.5cm).

• Candidates should have a 6/6 better eye for distant vision.


The NDA Foundation course at DNAD is all about laying the groundwork for students and helping them clear the NDA examination with flying colors.

At DNAD, we prioritize clearing the fundamentals of subjects before progressively developing the necessary skills in students. The key factor that set us apart from other institutes is our small class size and unique & personalized attention. In addition to this, we also focus on students’ personality development along with their physical health to groom them into the officers of tomorrow.

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