What a Career in Defense Services Look Like?

“Indian borders are protected & guarded by group of people, also known as Army, Navy and Air Force personnel that work around the clock to safeguard our country. They give up their lives to serve their country. They protect the country and ensure that everyone is happy and that no tragedies occur.” – Yes, this is what career in the Defense Services looks like.

A type of a mission-driven career in which our country comes first rather than personal interest is better than any other job opportunity. These heroes work day & night behind the scenes to protect our motherland.

A vision of having a career in the defence services has several benefits as it not only makes a person disciplined, but it also offers numerous career opportunities for growth. These people receive training for using different kind of weapons, and other armaments to safeguard our country. Defence Personnel walking hand in hand with their heads held high up in the sky with confidence & well dressed in their army uniforms bring a sense of pride not only for the candidates but also to the whole nation.

After rigorous training, a leader without fear is born who is ready to serve his nation 24*7. This is what a career in defence looks like.

Opportunistic Career in Defence

There is plethora of opportunities available to pursue your career in the Indian Army. But still there is no greater option for those who feel a strong sense of patriotism for their country rather than just entering into this field for growth.

In order to pursue your career in Defence, opting for DNA Defence is an excellent option. “Dehradun National Academy of Defence” (DNA Defence) is one of the pioneers training institutes preparing students for NDA exams. Apart from NDA exams preparation or any other exams; our main goal is to develop a strong foundation for the candidate in whichever degree curriculum they choose. We solely believe in helping serious students to achieve their goal.

Dehradun National Academy of defence is totally committed to impart high quality training to students so as to enable them to join NDA & live a glorious life in future.

Basically, career opportunities are categorized into 4 types namely The Indian Army, Indian Airforce, Indian Navy, and Indian Coast Guard. Besides this other career choices in this field are Central Armed Police Forces (CRPF), the National Security Guard (NSG), and others.

Courses that Dehradun National Academy of Defence offer

NDA is a written entrance exam conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission).  It is held twice a year one in month of April & second in the month of September. It is not easy to clear because apart from giving written exam, students have to meet physical eligibility criteria also.

Dehradun National Academy of Defence provides training to the students who want to pursue their career in defense services. We offer 4 types of courses to crack the NDA examination.

  1. NDA after 10th standard
  2. NDA after 12th standard
  3. Navy
  4. Airforce

Scope in Defence & it’s benefits

Careers in the Indian Armed Forces are considered to be among the best in the world, and they provide a very enjoyable and spectacular career option for Indian young (both men and women), ensuring their financial security in the future. Following that, DNA defence services provide students with the appropriate training to ensure that they are fully capable of passing the rigorous and complicated armed forces exams. The following are some of the advantages of joining defence services.

  • A fantastic working environment: It is a source of great honor and pride for anyone who joins the Defence services.
  • True Patriotism: Individuals who join the Defence services become true nationalists and stop discriminating against others based on religion, caste, and other factors. It instills a sense of patriotism in their heart and makes them willing to make sacrifices.
  • Women in defence: Women are now permitted to sit for this exam and serve their motherland.
  • It is a high-paying job that will ensure your better future.
  • After retirement, a pension will be paid.
  • Job security is a given.
  • A job that is respectful and dignified
  • Holding a high-ranking position in the military.
  • Taking care of our motherland

Tips & Tricks to crack your Defence services examination

  • Continue to work hard and be consistent in your study.
  • Put in a lot of practise time using mock tests and previous years’ armed forces solved problems.
  • Don’t spend too much time on a one question.
  • Set aside time to study diligently and demonstrate your commitment to passing the defence examinations.
  • Make a schedule for all subjects.
  • Keep your thoughts peaceful and don’t be stressed
  • Do regular studies every day
  • Your fundamentals and essentials in each and every subject should be clear



When it comes to choosing the proper career for your child, making the correct selection at the right time is crucial. That’s why choose DNA Defence in preparing your child for armed forces or defence services.

For more than a decade, Dehradun National Academy of Defence has been preparing students for NDA and other defence services tests. We also provide services such as traditional classrooms, online classrooms, live classes, video recorded lectures, and E-Notes for students preparing from all across India. Understanding the importance of physical training, DNA thrives to provide optimum physical training to the candidates.

To be a societal leader, you must first learn to lead yourself. Our mission is to help students discover their innate abilities and navigate through life’s challenges. While pursuing self-improvement and modern education, we value and promote Indian values. We think that any kid from any background can develop and become a leader with the right education and upbringing.

As a result, at Dehradun National Academy of Defence, we train students to become leaders who would serve this country. Our website has all the information you need.

Why wait, hurry up!!! Enroll your child with us today to become a serving leader for our motherland.

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

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