Selecting the Right NDA Coaching Institute

In today’s era, education plays a very vital role in student’s career. Education is the thing that nobody can ever steal from you. The students are the future of our world and so imparting a quality education must be very crucial for every institution.

Nowadays, in various cities, a large number of coaching institutes are running that make false promises and assure their selection in competitive exams. Among which one such competitive exam is NDA. The word NDA stands for National Defence Academy. Clearing this exam is a dream for many students. A vision of having a career in the defense services has several benefits as it not only makes a person disciplined, but it also offers numerous career opportunities for growth.

For qualifying the entrance exam of NDA, students often get confused and end up relying on coaching institutions that may not help them serve the purpose.  Many of them enroll themselves in such coaching institutes that put quality of education behind the endorsements. These types of institutes spend a lot of money on fishing students through extensive advertisement programs. These advertisements are designed to present the fake data with an intention of getting maximum students enrolled. They try to create a misconception that the students are in the best institute and can help them get selected for NDA. Among all such tactics they fail to realize the actual task they should be committed to.

It is advised never to fall trap while selecting the training institute for NDA exams. Below mentioned are some points to keep in mind while selecting your coaching centre.

  1. Previous track record of the coaching institute

Before enrolling it is important to enquire all the relevant details pertaining to the institute. Important factors to be focused must include the number of years for which training institute is running & how efficient it is in crafting ordinary student or weak students into diligent ones.

Also check, how many students from previous years have been trained from that institute, and out of which how many have actually cracked the NDA entrance exams. Not only search about their past track records on the internet but also try to obtain feedback from the past or existing students. This should be done because institutes are involved in getting fake reviews and ratings for themselves.

  1. Faculty

The institute is totally dependent on its faculty and therefore do enquire about the faculty qualifications, experience & skills. It is important to know about the type of training methodology these faculties are using so that students can get a strong command over the important subjects. Inexperienced or amateur faculty fails to help the students qualify NDA exam.

Nowadays, institutes try to appoint novice faculty just to reduce their cost. They do not understand the value of experience and knowledge which is required by the NDA teachers to prepare little rocks in strong sculpture. Also, the relevance of physical education in qualifying NDA is not hidden by anyone. So, the trainers must also be assessed while enrolling in the institutes.

  1. Study Material

Apart from the faculty, study material provided by the relevant coaching institute for NDA exams also play a crucial role. Study material should cover all subjects’ topics & practice sessions for making the NDA aspirants well aware of the course. The study material should be up to date as per the current requirements for NDA exams. It should not include irrelevant & junk material just for the sake of increasing the content, like done by most of the coaching institutes.

  1. Fee Structure

The pride, satisfaction and patriotism attached to the NDA is invaluable but the cost incurred by the NDA aspirants for achieving their dream is a point of concern. As nowadays a variety of coaching centers charge a huge amount for the whole course & in return fail to provide the right quality of education. They fail to understand the importance of quality of education needed by the students and hence, choose quantity over quality. The feeling of serving nation through appropriate training of NDA aspirants has been taken over by the desire of more money.
So, the students must identify the institute that may prioritize their dream of joining NDA over other anything else. They must get lured by the discounts offered by the institutes but look at other important criterion
as well.
There are some institutes which force students to deposit the full  fees at the time of admission without assuring any refund policy on later stage. The students cannot take any step even if they are dissatisfied with the services of the institute, or they fail to secure good marks in the NDA entrance exam. This forces to the students either to lose their money or quit the coaching institute in between. Therefore, it is vital to evaluate the NDA coaching institutes on the basis of their fees structure and related policy.


It is advised to consider the above-mentioned points while opting for a best coaching institute. As, spending the money blindly on these coaching centers is mere foolishness and an injustice with the dream of being a part of most patriotism and respected professional family of the country.

The National Defence Academy is not a place for short cuts or procrastinators. It is the most extraordinary place for every patriot who wish to serve India. Preparing for the NDA exam cannot be easy. If you’ve set your sight on anything, don’t allow trivial factors to stand in your way. The NDA course will be the most challenging thing you’ve ever done, but that’s the only beginning of a new life one can ever dream of. For this, selection of the coaching institute that participates in the whole process as partner rather than an audience will be fruitful.

Dear NDA aspirant, never forget this is your moment, leave no stone unturned. Every single of you, has it in you. Selection of the right coaching institute will assist in outshining and serving this great country. NDA is waiting for our youth to step forward and represent this country!

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!

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